Power Station Giveaway – EcoFlow River Mini

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I’m so pumped to be able to give away an EcoFlow River Mini* (A $349 retail value)! It has a 210Wh battery with two AC ports, several DC ports, and can be charged up in three ways (including solar).

It seems that everyone is talking about getting a portable power station, and you have a chance to win one. EcoFlow sent me this River Mini to give away.

I plan to announce the winner on an Instagram livestream on Saturday, January 1st at 3pm. You don’t have to be on the livestream to win. I’ll reach out to the winner via email or by DM.

How to Enter the Giveaway:

  1. Follow me on Instagram
  2. Send me an email and include your Instagram name. That’s it. But feel free to write more.

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PhotoCube: A Great Way to Backup Your iPhone

If you are an iPhone user you may have gotten frustrated with the message “iCloud full”.  You might also feel stuck backing your phone up to your laptop because there isn’t enough storage.  You could pay for monthly services to store photos and videos but even then, besides the expense, you are still not getting enough storage.  Or maybe your main problem isn’t any of those, maybe you simply never remember to start a backup of your phone’s videos and photos.

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How to Fix an Electric Heating Pad

My theratherm® electric heating pad quit working. Dashes would show up on the screen instead of the temperate when you plugged it in and heat wouldn’t be produced. If you twisted the pad the right way though, the temperature reading would show up and it would start heating.

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Can you Install Solar Panels Yourself?

Yes, you can install solar panels yourself! It could be a daunting project though. You need to make sure that your design and installation meets all of the criteria that your local jurisdiction stipulates. These requirements, of course, can vary wildly depending on where you live. If your jurisdiction requires a certified professional for solar, then you may have to work harder to find a someone with a license to help you with your project, or you can get yourself licensed. There are courses you can take for this, for example.

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How to fix a leaking dishwasher

I found this really nice LG dishwasher sitting out for trash pickup. We had been wanting a new stainless steel dishwasher but didn’t want to pay the high prices to replace our current working one.

When I first drove by and saw the dishwasher there among some other items being thrown away I was initially skeptical it would be worth my time to take it home and work on it. It must have

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Vizio M65-C1 Won’t Turn On – Repaired with $.47 of parts. Bargain 4k TV

Since I try to get things cheaper or free and repair them I wondered if I could get a cheaper big 4K TV. After posting a search for “broken 4K TV” on craigslist I eventually found someone selling theirs.

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Fix Your Loose Wobbly Macbook Screen

Has the screen on your Macbook pro or air started to wobble and you can tell something is loose?  Well, the issue is most likely 2 or 3 loose screws.  Some are easy to get to and tighten up.  Others take a little bit more effort to get to but it is still all they need is to be tightened.



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How to Change Razor e100 Scooter Batteries

If your Razor e100 scooter is no longer charging then you almost certainly need new batteries.  This is something you can replace on your own and you can save money by buying off the shelf batteries than any ones sold directly by the manufacturer.

The type of batteries that go into this scooter are called SLA batteries.  SLA is short for sealed lead-acid.  The scooter motor is made to run off of 24 volts.  In order to get to 24 volts the scooter housing is made to hold two 12 volt batteries wired in series.  When you wire in series you add up the voltages.

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