Fix Your Loose Wobbly Macbook Screen

Has the screen on your Macbook pro or air started to wobble and you can tell something is loose?  Well, the issue is most likely 2 or 3 loose screws.  Some are easy to get to and tighten up.  Others take a little bit more effort to get to but it is still all they need is to be tightened.

So many people never bother to fix this issue and live with a wobbly screen on their mac because they don’t know what to do and they don’t want to spend a lot of money to get it worked on.  But if you have about 10-20 minutes and a small screwdriver set (I’d recommend this one below) you can have the satisfaction of fixing it yourself.

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There are two hinges on Macbooks that hold the screen to the body of the mac.  Typically there are 3 screws on the body (the part with the keyboard) and two screws that hold the hinge to the display assembly.  It is relatively easy to open up a mac (typically 10 screws in your way) and get access to the inside.

If your wobble is coming from the 3 loose screws you’re repair will go much more quickly.  You may have to disconnect a few cables and remove a bracket to see the hinge screws.  Typically the hinge screws are not a phillips bit but rather a T9 bit.  I don’t know that they are the same on every mac but if you have a set with multiple bits you can experiment until you get the right fit.

If tightening those screws is not your issue then you have a bit more work to do.  You will need to remove the display assembly from the body of the mac and slide off the black plastic cover.  Usually when I do this repair I don’t bother to remove all of the connections but only the ones that give me the freedom of movement to remove the display.

Once you have the plastic cover off you should be able to see very clearly where the loose screws are.  On a recent mac I worked on they were a T6 bit.  Make sure to tighten both sides before you start to put things back together.

Here is a video of the process that hopefully makes each step of the way clear.  If not, let me know if you have any questions.