Repair Broken GE Freezer – Replace Defrost Heater GSH25JSXNSS

One night we went to get some ice cream and instead of getting the normal cold solid cream there was a liquid mess.  Something was wrong with our fridge/freezer (Model GSH25JSXNSS) !

So I ripped open the back on the freezer (take shelves off, remove light cover, take off two screws, take off the grounding clip and remove the white cover)  to find this:

There was so much frost the coolant was getting frozen and unable to absorb the heat out of the freezer.

From searching online there were 3 possible problems:  1) Defrost heating element  2) temperature sensor 3) electronic board issue.  Since the first one was most probable I unplugged each side (pink wire and blue wire) and took out the screw on each side then I removed the element and its protective cover.  I tested the coil for electrical conductivity and there wasn’t any.  When I took out the element itself I found this:

As you can see the element itself broke apart.  So I ordered a new one (Defrost Heater Replacement Part: WR51X10055 ). This is the link to it*:

After this, I defrosted the freezer, put the food back and waited a few days.

When I went to install the new element I realized I probably should defrost the freezer again.  So again I broke out my heat gun and was careful not to melt any of the plastic.  About 10 minutes later it was mostly dry.  Next I plugged and screwed in the new element and we have a working automatic defrost system again!

If you want to watch the whole process in my video, check it out here:

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