60″ LCD TV Fixed for Less Than a $1

My wife was on a local Facebook group and heard of someone getting rid of a broken 60″ led tv.  She asked me if I wanted it.  Because I like to fix everything or at least figure out how it works, I immediately said, “Yes!”  So in not too short of time I had a Vizio E601i-A3 opened up for inspection.

The common problem on these models is that the T-con (timing control) board goes bad which results in a blank screen (no picture) but yet there is sound.  The backlight is on but since the Timing Control board has a problem it can not send the proper signal to the pixels on the lcd panel.

Since I know this is a common failure on the E601i-A3, I took it out to take a closer look.  The internet tells me to test one particular transistor on that board and guess what, that transistor is fried.  So I ordered a new one, it cost $.54.  After soldering in the new part the TV fired up great and has been working great since.

If you want to watch the video and see exactly how I did all of this for under a $1 check it out here:

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  1. Hi Reese, I have the Visio E601i-a3e which I believe is the same but economy model TV. Anyway, tv picture suddenly stopped. I have sound and if I have bright lights on in room you can barely make out the picture but led not lighting up. When you first turn tv on, the Vizio insignia briefly shows up then a quick screen flash and no picture. I removed t con board and tested the resistor like you did. Mine is not shorted but top left terminal and right terminal have no continuity at all. It’s open. Is this correct? I read resistance between bottom left terminal and right terminal. I don’t have tools to fix it but I can get a new board for 25 bucks. Do you think that is the trouble? Any help much appreciated. Thanks for amazing videos. I subscribed to you. Could you email me?

    1. Thank you for your kind words. If you can see an image then you know your tcon board is fine. The problem you describe is a classic sign that your backlight has an issue(s). It would have one or more shorted led’s. I believe there are two power plugs feeding the led backlight. You can try disconnecting one (with all power off and unplugged) then try turning on the tv. See if it makes it past the boot logo. Try the other side as well. You can also use a flashlight (shine close to the screen) to get into settings and turn the brightness down to say, 10% and reboot the tv. It may work then (but be a lot dimmer). Then you can experiment and increase the brightness until it quits on you. Of course, you can fix the led’s too. I hope to have a video out on this process soon since I have two tv’s I picked up that have this problem.

  2. Thank you. I pulled the trigger on a t con board before I got your reply. Lol. Oh well. Not that much dough. I will try turning down the brightness and see how that works. Worst case I’ll get another TV. Thank you again!

    1. If the brightness trick doesn’t work, then you can always try fixing it. Led’s are really inexpensive. Some of the main things are not to crack the lcd when removing it and soldering in the new led’s to replace the bad ones.

  3. hey,

    I have a 32 inch start tv from VU i have an issue with the tv i can hear sound but no display, now my question to you is where do i find the transistor for this VU tv do u have any website where i can buy this from? if yes can you please advice where to get it from.

    1. Your tv is a different model so the same transistor will not be there. You may have a prob with your backlight.

  4. Oh and I also found a replacement t-con board on ebay and it worked as well for about 2mins before the issue came back.

    Is it possible the LCD panel is zapping them? or the power supply board?

    1. Sorry to hear. I’m not sure but it is probably a short on the LCD panel. The power supply wouldn’t be causing that.

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