Recommended Tools

Having the right tools is so important to repairing things and saving time. These are are the tools I used, have used, or recommend that you pick up depending on your budget.

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Recommended Tools for Gifts (maybe even for yourself) – These are some top repair tools every fixer should have.

Repair Tools I Use and Recommend:

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Soldering Tools

    The Solder Station I Use – This is expensive but it can run the hot tweezers, micropencil, as well as the regular iron. It has two ports so you can switch back and forth easily. It is a professional station and the iron heats up from room temperature to max temperature in a few seconds!

    A similar solder station to mine but for half the cost – This is also a professional station (check out the amazon reviews) .

    Hot Air Station I Use – These things are so handy! They make it nice to warm things up quickly or desolder components and more.

    Beginner Hot Air Station AND Soldering Iron – I started with this one and I still have it as a backup. Much cheaper and yet still good.

    Really Cheap Hot Air Station – This has the features you need. I linked it from aliexpress so it may take a little extra to get to you but you are saving money by getting it cheaper.

Microscope & Cameras

    Microscope setup with camera – Compare this price to amscope! It’s much cheaper and it has everything you need to get started.

    Very Nice Auto-Focus Microscope Camera – Really, you need to buy this on aliexpress. It’s made by the company that make the name brand you see elsewhere but it’s more than half the price. This is the exact one (Model IMX185) I use. Please make sure to choose IMX185 model – that is the one with auto-focus.

    Zoom Lens – If you don’t want a microscope you can buy this lens and a c-mount camera (the one above is c-mount) and connect it to a monitor. You’d still want to get a stand for it. I bought this exact lens recently and it works great.

Specialty Tools

    UV Curable Solder Mask – This stuff is like goo to start but hardens under UV light to turn into a plastic like substance.

    UV Light Source – Use this on the wet curable material to harden it.

Other Very Helpful Repair Tools

    Magnetic Sheets – These magnetic sheets are great when taking things apart. You can draw on them and label screw locations, etc.

    Magnet – I use this magnet a lot when tiny screws fall on the ground. The metal base picks up even the tiniest of screws.

    Dremel Rotary Tool

    Kapton Tape

    Magnification Headset


    Nice Calipers


    Copper Braid

    Fume Extractor


    Multimeter (Inexpensive)

    Multimeter I use most

    Power Drill – This tool is great because it has variable clutch so you don’t over tighten screws.

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