Repair Panasonic TC-P65S1 (8 Blinks) Plasma TV

Has your plasma stopped turning on and the red light is flashing on you (8 Blinks)?  It may be the SS board with a bad set of capacitors.   At least it was for me.  I ordered similarly rated capacitors from China.  Here is a link to similar ones that I ordered. (Available on Ebay*: “Film capacitors CBB22 305J 3uF ±5% 250V P=27mm“)  After they arrive I soldered out the old ones and got the new ones in and the TV works great!

If you are up for repairing it yourself you’ll need to solder the old capacitors out and solder the new ones in.  So to begin (use extreme caution when working with plasma tv’s!):

Unplug the TV.  Take off the back cover and look on the right side to find the offending board.  It is where the red square is (I already took the board out).



The board in question is the TNPA4979AB board (or the SS Board) here:



Look at the blue capacitors.  See mine have cracks in all of them.  These are the ones that need to be removed.


At this point I would recommend watching my youtube video on the process from this point.



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5 thoughts on “Repair Panasonic TC-P65S1 (8 Blinks) Plasma TV

  1. I have a Panasonic TC-P65V10 with same description of problem, got the board out and found the same SS board model number TNPA4979 AB 1 SS (capacitors found broken) is this correct? If so, do you know any place that can I order that board? Been searching a lot with not success. I got not knowledge of soldering and I don’t want to mess the board replacing those capacitors.
    I’ll appreciate your answer.

    1. I think you will find a hard time tracking down a board. Ebay is the first place I would go to. Some people are repairing boards and then selling the repaired boards online. Otherwise you will need to solder in new capacitors (or perhaps have a friend do it). I could offer the service but I don’t have the tv anymore to test it in.

      1. Great video, cant beleive i stumbled across it looking for a replacement board. have same tv same problem but only 1 capacitor is blown. Do you recommend changing single or all of them also what type of replacement capacitors are they as im not electrical savvy and cant read nor understand the codes on capacitor.

        1. I’d recommend changing them all out. I posted a link on where you can buy replacement ones.

  2. This video was so helpful and allowed me to keep my Panasonic Plasma going last year. But now I have a buzzing issue from the other end of the SS board. Once I identified the capacitor that was buzzing, I put a little pressure on it, and it stopped. Do I need to replace that capitor? If so, can you help me ID the right capacitor on eBay?

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