How to Fix Your Macbook Trackpad that is Not Clicking

Is your trackpad having problems clicking?  Is it clicking but the laptop isn’t responding to the click?  Or that you have to push really hard to get it to click?

There are a few reasons why your click may not be working any longer.  It is possible it could be something like a swelled battery, loose screw, or debris but most likely is that your trackpad is failing due to wear and tear.

Many videos and instructions advise you to make an adjustment to the screw under the trackpad to deal with this non-clicking problem.  This tends to work because it puts more pressure on a certain part of the trackpad that makes the “click”.

But I recommend that you do something even better than that!  I recommend that you make an adjustment to the trackpad itself (not the adjustment screw) so that you will be (effectively) giving your trackpad click a new life.  And this repair is free!

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60″ LCD TV Fixed for Less Than a $1

My wife was on a local Facebook group and heard of someone getting rid of a broken 60″ led tv.  She asked me if I wanted it.  Because I like to fix everything or at least figure out how it works, I immediately said, “Yes!”  So in not too short of time I had a Vizio E601i-A3 opened up for inspection.

The common problem on these models is that the T-con (timing control) board goes bad which results in a blank screen (no picture) but yet there is sound.  The backlight is on but since the Timing Control board has a problem it can not send the proper signal to the pixels on the lcd panel.

Since I know this is a common failure on the E601i-A3, I took it out to take a closer look.  The internet tells me to test one particular transistor on that board and guess what, that transistor is fried.  So I ordered a new one, it cost $.54.  After soldering in the new part the TV fired up great and has been working great since.

If you want to watch the video and see exactly how I did all of this for under a $1 check it out here:

Upgrade Macbook Air Hard Drive 2014

Did you purchase a 128gb or 256gb hard drive for your macbook air or macbook pro and now you want to get more storage?  Pretty much the only way to reliably upgrade is to buy a used hard drive on the secondary market.  You can buy new generic drives but I don’t know how reliable they are.  You would have to do your research first, of course.

Changing your hard drive (solid state drive) on a newer macbook air or pro is pretty easy.    My instructions are for a 2014 macbook air but the others that have this same kind of hard drive will be similar (or even identical).  You need a #5 pentalobe (P5) (to open the bottom case) and a T5 torx (to remove the screw holding down the hard drive.

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How to Fix Electric Lawnmower (Rectifier) – Trips Circuit Breaker Short Circuit (Task Force)

So one day I was looking through the free section on craigslist and saw someone giving away a broken electric lawn mower.  Oddly enough, I noticed the address as the neighbor to one of my friends.  So I texted him and he walked over and snagged it for me.

I actually first wanted it so I could harvest the motor for another project but then I realized that I could fix it!  I had never worked on one before but I did some research and realized there aren’t many parts in these things and typically what breaks is the bridge rectifier.

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Repair Broken GE Freezer – Replace Defrost Heater GSH25JSXNSS


One night we went to get some ice cream and instead of getting the normal cold solid cream there was a liquid mess.  Something was wrong with our fridge/freezer (Model GSH25JSXNSS) !

So I ripped open the back on the freezer (take shelves off, remove light cover, take off two screws, take off the grounding clip and remove the white cover)  to find this:

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How to Fix a TV Hit By Lightning or Power Surge

If your tv has stopped working because of a power surge or lightning and you want to diagnose it to try to repair it yourself there are a few things you can do. In most cases, you will want to diagnose if either your power supply board or your main board is bad.  Watch my video as I explain the process and let me know if you have any questions.




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Repair Panasonic TC-P65S1 (8 Blinks) Plasma TV

Has your plasma stopped turning on and the red light is flashing on you (8 Blinks)?  It may be the SS board with a bad set of capacitors.   At least it was for me.  I ordered similarly rated capacitors from China.  Here is a link to similar ones that I ordered. (Available on Ebay*: “Film capacitors CBB22 305J 3uF ±5% 250V P=27mm“)  After they arrive I soldered out the old ones and got the new ones in and the TV works great!

If you are up for repairing it yourself you’ll need to solder the old capacitors out and solder the new ones in.  So to begin (use extreme caution when working with plasma tv’s!):

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